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Hi.....QBJS is very nice and convincing. Sure. I have added the link to the following webpage. I really hope that many BASIC hobbyists will be able to discover QBJS easily. Yeah.

Bye. ( https://itch.io/jam/jam-for-all-basic-dialects-6 )

Excellent, thanks for the inclusion!


I discovered an interesting discussion about QBJS.  Maybe you will be interested. Here:


Very interesting, thanks for sharing!


Hey, thanks for your work on qbjs! I've been using it to prototype a few tiny particle physics demos (https://ijsf.itch.io/qbasic-particles). Just wanted to relay a few trivial things I've noticed, but perhaps the GitHub issue tracker is a better place for it, anyway:

  • Pressing F5 twice (before program is stopped) seems to run the program twice, can lead to display issues and errors.
  • No key shortcut to stop program. A stop key would be super convenient.

Thanks for the suggestions!  We'll add them to the list.

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A couple of small bugs when running code in Firefox 102:

  1. locate only sets the correct row, not the column;
  2. when typing at an input prompt, the entered text is offset from the baseline.

Neither happens in Opera 78.

P.S. You might like to know that QBJS works in WebPositive on Haiku OS!


Thanks for reporting the issues with Firefox.  We'll look into it further.


I noticed a couple of small things in the UI:

  1. The Files tab in the console should have a button to upload files in addition to drag&drop, because a button is more accessible and more discoverable. Failing that, a visual indication that you can drag&drop files would help somewhat.
  2. In the Share / Export dialog, the Export button should be visible from the start, just greyed out while the launch mode is set to IDE (default).

Good work otherwise! I like new improvements like the resizable panes, they help.


Great feedback!  We’ll add both suggestions in the next release.

could you add a help window like the original QBasic had that takes 1/2 the vertical screen and shows commands available with details?

Thanks for the suggestion.  We'll look into incorporating a help window in an upcoming release.

I recommend posting in topic ...

... link to topic: QBJS - QBasic for the Web

Good suggestion.  I've added the link to the top of the new forum post.

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It's not clear why a forum qb64.org does not work
and maximum:
and I saved my themes

But in September 2021 I copied over 3500 forum topics
and can post somewhere if required for free

Please let me know at any time: does it work for you forum.qb64.org ?

Hi Danilin,

There have been a number of changes with that project in the past couple of weeks.   There is a new site, qb64.com, which has links to the archived forum, a new forum that was recently created and several other assets.

Thank you I registering tomorrow