Enemy Space

You have jumped through the wormhole into enemy space, surrounded by the forces of the evil Klaxxon space empire.  You must rescue as many of your fellow captured rebel prisoners as you can.  But don't take too long, there's only one opportunity to open the wormhole for your return and... escape from Enemy Space!

Flying the Ship

Turn left and right to orient the ship in the direction you want to go and fire your thrusters.  There are no brakes in space, so if you want to slow down or change direction, turn around and fire your thrusters in the opposite direction.

  • A - Turn Left
  • D - Turn Right
  • S - Thrusters
  • J - Fire
  • K - Transport / Warp

  • Saving Your Fellow Rebels

    The evil Klaxxon space empire is using captured rebels as slave labor on planets across the system.  Be on the lookout for rebel transmissions from these locations.  Center your ship over the source of the transmissions and use your transporter to beam your comrades aboard.   Make sure you aren't moving too fast or you won't be able to get a transporter lock.

    Coming Home

    At the appointed time we will send you a signal through the wormhole.  Center your ship on the source of our transmission in order to enter the wormhole at the precise coordinates that will bring you to home space.

    About the Game

    Enemy Space was developed for the 2022 Jam for All Basic Dialects.  It was written in QB64 using the GX  game engine.   The source code will be added to the GX samples.



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      Tagsgx, qb64, qbasic, qbjs, Retro, Space, Top down shooter


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